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Pupil Premium 2014/15

On this page, you will find information about how the school intends to spend its Pupil Premium grant in 2014/15. This information is also available to download as a PDF file.


Pupil Premium Grant Expenditure 2014/15


Number of pupils and Pupil Premium grant received


Total number of pupils on roll 296
Total number of pupils eligible for PPG 33
Total amount of PPG received £42,900


Nature of Support 2014-15


The funding received from Pupil Premium has been allocated in the following ways:


· Increased teaching assistant support to increase targeted support in phonics, writing reading and mathematics

· Contribution to Familywise service– to support individual children social and friendship skills. Support for families (first intervention)

· 1 to 1 tutorial support in reading and writing and participation in reading and mathematics recovery programmes

· Financial Support in extra curricular activities for looked after children and school contribution to residential holiday


Curriculum Focus of Pupil Premium spending 2014/15


The school will continue to provide pastoral support for pupils through Family wise (Child Action North West) and  to identify pupils for one to one interventions in mathematics, phonics, reading and writing The funding will also provide ‘paid for’ extra-curricular activities such as school residential holidays and visits.


Measuring the Impact


The impact  of the PPG is measured by monitoring both pupil well being and their educational progress. This monitored by Miss Murray (our PPG co-ordinator) and Mr Ullah Khan (the governor responsible for pupil premium)


· In the Prime Areas  of learning in Foundation Stage 67% pupil premium pupils were at an expected level

· At  the end of Key Stage One of 88% of pupil premium pupils were at Level 2+ in Reading, Writing and Mathematics

· At Key Stage One Average Points score was higher for Pupil Premium children was above other pupils

· At the end of Key Stage Two, 80% of pupils made between 2 and 3 levels progress in Reading, writing and Mathematics

· School also provided pastoral and academic support for pupils and this had a positive impact in term of academic progress and behaviour.


The report can be downloaded.