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Lower Darwen Primary School: We are proud of our school!
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Lower Darwen Primary School: We are proud of our school!

Sports Premium 2014-15

The Sports Grant is given to school to promote physical education and competitive sport. This is a report on how we spent the grant in 2014/15 and the impact it has had on the school. This report is also available to download. 


Overview of the school:


Number of Pupils and total Sports Grant received
Total number of pupils on roll 280
Total amount of Sports Grant received £ 9400 (Sept 2014- July 2015)


Nature of Expenditure 2014/15
Planned Expenditure Cost
Affiliation to Blackburn Schools' Sports Association £ 100
Access to competition SLA through BPSSA £ 850
Sports Equipment: balls, UPVC goals, speed bounch mat £292
Sports Coach £ 8158


Curriculum Focus of Sports Grant Expenditure 2014-15


The school has focused on the following areas:


  • Multi-skills and fitness of Reception and Key Stage One pupils
  • Increase pupil participation in competitive sport with our disabled and Key Stage One pupils
  • Participation in a wide range of intra and inter-schools competitive sport across the age range


Measuring the impact of Sports Grant Expenditure 2014-15


This is to be measured by:


  • Maintain and increase after school clubs linked to competitions
  • Consolidate KS1 competition and extra-curricular trials for infant pupils
  • Participation in SEN football tournament, BOCCIA and Paralympics
  • School's contribution to BPSSA has ensured 'more funding, more competitions' and access to more competitions across the age range
  • Active participation in KS1 and Years 3-4 Athletics, SEN competitions and Year 5-6 tennis
  • Improve teaching and coaching of sport in school by class teachers


Impact of Sports Grant Expenditure 2014-15


The school took part in a variety of competitive sports competitions: swimming gala (5 gold medals), Girls’ Football tournament (Champions), Orienteering, Mini-Tennis (Champions in Y3-4 and Y5-6), Boys’ Football (Champions and two pupils represented Blackburn Schools), Rounders, Quad-kid athletics (Infant, Y3-Y4 winners, Y5-6 finalists), cross country, netball and Rugby (semi-finalists), cricket, cross country, outdoor athletics, boccia, SEN football tournament


Sainsbury’s School Games Award 2013-14, 2014-15


Sports Coach and PE Subject leader secured sports grant with Sport England for installation of  ‘sports cage’.