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Lower Darwen Primary School: We are proud of our school!
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Lower Darwen Primary School: We are proud of our school!

Sports Premium 2015-16

The Sports Grant is given to school to promote physical education and competitive sport. This is a report on how we spent the grant in 2016/17 and the impact it has had on the school. This report is also available to download.


Overview of the school:


Number of Pupils and total Sports Grant received
Total number of pupils on roll 306
Total amount of Sports Grant received £ 9253
Nature of Expenditure 2015/16
Planned Expenditure  
Affiliation to Blackburn Schools' Sports Association £100
Access to competition SLA through BPSSA £ 850
Sports Equipment: refurbishment of equipment, futsall balls £750
Sports Coach (Mr P. Eastwood) £ 11140


Curriculum Focus of Sports Grant Expenditure 2015-16


The school has focused on the following areas:


  • Continue to work on Multi-skills and fitness of reception and Key Stage One pupils
  • Pupil participation in competitive sport with our disabled pupils and Key Stage One pupils
  • Participation in a wide range of iinter schools competitive sport across the age range
  • Increase to two days a week Sports coach to deliver coaching and support teaching
  • Sports Coach to promote and support activities in the new Sports/Games space provided by Sport England


Sports Grant Expenditure 2015-16 Success Criteria


This is to be measured by:


  • Maintain after school clubs/ lunch time clubs  linked to competitions
  • Increase in KS1 competition and extra-curricular trials for infant pupils
  • Maintain participation in SEN Football Tournament, BOCCIA and SEN paralympics
  • School’s contribution to BPSSA ensures  access to competitions across the age range
  • Active participation in inter-school competitions at all key stages
  • Positive play impact of new Sports Cage– provided by Sport England
  • Improved teaching of sport by class teachers
  • Sports Day which includes competitive element with participation of all regardless of ability


Impact of Sports Grant Expenditure 2015-16


Sports Grant was monitored on termly basis by the PE Subject leader, governor responsible for sport and PE and the headteacher. The following impact was measured:


  • Mr Eastwood worked with the foundation stage and key stage one pupils on levels of fitness, physical development and multi-skills. 94% of pupils were are at expected or exceeding in physical development on the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile.
  • There was an increase in participation in KS1 in competitive sport within school and also in inter-school competitions. There was a 50% increase in the number of children accessing extra-curricular sport activities.
  • Our hearing impaired pupils participated in a number inter-school events, both as para-athletes and with abled bodied children.
  • There was an increase in the number of competitive sports that the school competed in and this included the ‘sport for all’ B anc C team events at all key stages.
  • Increase in number of teachers running clubs to promote competitive sport and physical activity
  • Sports cage has given pupils increased opportunities to take part in sport at lunch time
  • Sports coach offers support to class teachers increasing knowledge and confidence
  • The school was awarded the Sainsbury Gold Award for 2015-16 (this is the third successive year for this award)


Download the Sports Premium report for 2015-16 to read of our participation in competitive inter-school sport and our successes.