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Lower Darwen Primary School: We are proud of our school!
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Lower Darwen Primary School: We are proud of our school!


Welcome to the FOLD section of our website.


Friends of Lower Darwen or the FOLD is the school's Parents' Association. It organises events to raise funds for Lower Darwen Primary School.


What We Do...


What is a Parent Teacher Association?


It is a group of people who get together to raise funds for the school. We have lots of fun running events for both the children and ourselves. We also have teachers on board who offer their expertise, so we can work together to ensure the PTA (FOLD) is successful. The group was originally set up in March 2011 and has been organising fun events and fundraising for six years.


Who can be involved?


As a parent or member of the local community, you are automatically a member. We have several elected positions, Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Marketing/Advertising Coordinator and Events Coordinator. We also have a large number of members who make all levels of contributions, such as help at events, sharing ideas, organising events and working in the community spread the word of the FOLD.


What events have we organised?


We have arranged various activities which the children have taken part in and events with more of an adult focus. Here is a few things we have done in our six years:


  • Discos, including a Royal Ball, Monster Ball and a Valentine Disco
  • Christmas Fair- introducing the first market place
  • Summer Fairs
  • Easter and Christmas Bingo
  • Pop-Up Bake Sales
  • Fashion show


Fundraising: How is the money used?


All money raised is used to benefit the children at Lower Darwen. The FOLD have raised money to provide playground markings and games, a sound and lights system for the school hall, funded the LDPS Choir and subsidised school visits as well as other classroom based activities. The FOLD are currently fundraising for playground equipment as part of the school's 'Better Playtimes' project.


What can I offer?


Any level of involvement in the FOLD is welcomed. You can attend all or a few meetings, help at events or just dip in and out at when you can. You can join our mailing list to keep up to date with what is going on.


I don’t really know any other parents and I’m a bit nervous about getting involved.


Don’t worry, the FOLD is a great way to get to know new parents, make new friendships and make a great contribution to fundraising. We’re ready to welcome new members and your level of involvement is up to you, you won’t be pushed into anything you’re not sure about.


How do I get involved?


You can get involved in many different ways; you can attend our meetings, ‘like’ our Facebook page (Friends of Lower Darwen Primary School) e-mail us at You can also leave your details at the school office and we will contact you.


Where can I keep up to date with the FOLD?


FOLD News will appear on this page or links to this page. We regularly update our Facebook page. Like Us and get regular updates.

Contact the FOLD

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