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Lower Darwen Primary School: We are proud of our school!
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Lower Darwen Primary School: We are proud of our school!

Sports Premium and Swimming Impact Report 2019-20

The Sports Grant is given to school to promote physical education and competitive sport. This is a report on how we intend to spend  the grant in 2019/20 and the impact it will have on the school. This report is also available to download. 


Overview of the school:


Number of Pupils and total Sports Grant received
Total number of pupils on roll 354
Total amount of Sports Grant received £ 18,890
Nature of Expenditure 2019/20
Planned Expenditure  
Affiliation to Blackburn Schools' Sports Association £200
Access to competition SLA through BPSSA £ 950
Sports Equipment: refurbishment of equipment (including mile a day and orienteering courses) £2,000
Sports Coach (Mr P. Eastwood) £ 11,700
Specialised Sports Coach: gymnastics, dance, dodgeball £4,230

Curriculum Focus of Sports Grant Expenditure 2019-20


The school will continue to focus or develop in the following areas:


  • Continue to increase and maintain pupil participation in competitive sport with our disabled pupils and Key Stage One pupils
  • Increase participation in a wide range of inter schools competitive sport across the age range
  • Employ the skills and expertise of Sports coach to deliver coaching and support teaching (2 days a week)
  • Promote positive sporting behaviours using the hands, heart and head principles and link to teacher assessment
  • Continue to Identify and increase participation pupils of accessing sport or who are sports ‘shy’.
  • Maintain and improve the  teaching of dance, orienteering and gymnastics
  • Break  gender barriers and attitudes by Increasing the participation of boys in gymnastics and girls in football and cricket
  • Continue to work on multi-skills and fitness and stamina of reception and Key Stage One pupils


Sports Grant Expenditure Success Criteria 2019-20


  • Maintain after school clubs/ lunch time clubs  linked to competitions.
  • School’s contribution to BPSSA ensures  access to competitions across the age range
  • Increase in KS1 competition and extra-curricular trials for infant pupils
  • Maintain participation in SEND Football Tournament, BOCCIA , SEND Paralympics and cricket events
  • Continued active participation in inter-school competitions at all key stages
  • Continuous improvement in the  teaching and learning in gymnastics, dance and orienteering
  • Increased participation in extra-curricular sport for pupils who are sports ‘shy’- 80% of pupils to represent the school
  • Pupils display sporting behaviours expected of them in intra-sport, inter-school and on the playground, consistently
  • Increased male participation in gymnastics at KS2 and increased participation of girls at KS2 in cricket and football

Impact of Sports Grant Expenditure 2019-20


Sports Grant was monitored on termly basis by the PE Subject leader, governor responsible for sport and PE and the head teacher. The following impact was measured (for swimming– see the additional report)


Covid-19, lockdown and school closure had an impact on planning and implementation of objectives, but we were on target to reach our objectives and these targets will be included in planning for 2020-21.  For instance, it was difficult to meet our target on increased participation/representing the school in inter-school events because during February 2020, most events were cancelled.


  • Mr Eastwood worked with the foundation stage and key stage one pupils on levels of fitness, physical development and multi-skills.
  • Maintained the  participation in KS1 in competitive sport within school and also in inter-school sporting events. There was a continued  increase in the number of children accessing extra-curricular sporting activities. These included  gymnastics, athletics and dance clubs.
  • Our hearing impaired pupils participated in a number inter-school events, both as para-athletes and with abled bodied children.
  • The school participated in a  wide range of competitive sports  and this included the ‘sport for all’ B and C team events at all key stages.  The school maintained the number of teachers running clubs to promote competitive sport and physical activity
  • The Daily Mile continued to be a key part of the school day. Orienteering lessons continued to be  linked to cross-curricular lessons in PE, Geography, French and English.
  • Sports coach  continues to give support to class teachers increasing knowledge, confidence and future sustainability. The school was used as a training hub and several ‘improving PE and core skills’ courses were held in school.
  • The work of the Sports Coach in developing fine and gross motor skills improved the outcomes of our SEND pupils
  • The school was awarded the Sainsbury Platinum Award for 2019-20 for the third successive year. This award recognises our sporting excellence
  • The school continued to promote the four sporting behaviours: Be Ambitious, Be Inspiring, Be connected, Be Fair.
  • Prior to lockdown, there had been an uptake in the number of boys participating in gymnastic extra-curricular activities and girls attending football club