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Lower Darwen Primary School: We are proud of our school!
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Lower Darwen Primary School: We are proud of our school!

Sports Premium and Swimming Impact Report 2020-21

The Sports Grant is given to school to promote physical education and competitive sport. This is a report on how we intend to spend  the grant in 2020/21 and the impact it will have on the school. This report is also available to download. 


Overview of the school:

Number of Pupils and total Sports Grant received
Total number of pupils on roll              388
Total amount of Sports Grant received       £ 19,909


Nature of Expenditure 2020/21
Planned Expenditure  
Affiliation to Blackburn Schools' Sports Association            £200
Access to competition SLA through BPSSA            £950
Sports Equipment: refurbishment of equipment (including mile a day and orienteering courses)               £1,000
Sports Coach (Mr P. Eastwood)        £13,529
Specialised Sports Coach: gymnastics, dance, dodgeball          £4,230

Curriculum Focus of Sports Grant Expenditure 2020-21


The school will continue to focus or develop in the following areas:


  • Continue to work on Multi-skills and fitness and stamina of reception and Key Stage One pupils
  • Post-lockdown– promote use of PE and Sport to support mental health and well being
  • Continue to increase and maintain pupil participation in competitive sport with our disabled pupils and Key Stage One pupils; due to Covid-19 competitive sport may take place as virtual events
  • Increase participation in a wide range of inter schools competitive sport across the age range (virtual events)
  • Employ the skills and expertise of Sports coach to deliver coaching and support teaching (2 days a week)
  • Promote positive sporting behaviours using the hands, heart and head principles and link to teacher assessment
  • Continue to Identify and increase participation pupils of accessing sport or who are sports ‘shy’.
  • Maintain and improve the  teaching of dance, orienteering and gymnastics
  • Consolidate break  gender barriers and attitudes by Increasing the participation of boys in gymnastics and girls in football and cricket


Sports Grant Expenditure Success Criteria 2019-20


  • School’s contribution to BPSSA ensures  access to competitions across the age range
  • Lessons show the use of sport to promote physical and mental well being and this has positive impact on pupils
  • Increased participation in KS1 competition (virtual or at ‘live’ events)
  • Maintain participation in SEND Football Tournament, BOCCIA , SEND Paralympics and cricket events (virtual)
  • Continued active participation in inter-school competitions at all key stages (virtual or ‘live’ events
  • Continuous improvement in the  teaching and learning in gymnastics, dance and orienteering
  • Pupils display sporting behaviours expected of them in intra-sport, inter-school and on the playground, consistently
  • Increased male participation in gymnastics at KS2 and increased participation of girls at KS2 in cricket and football