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Lower Darwen Primary School: We are proud of our school!
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Lower Darwen Primary School: We are proud of our school!


Welcome to Lower Darwen Primary School’s Science page. Here you will find a profile of the subject leader and a number of key documents.

Science Leader Profile


Miss Varey has been science subject lead for 4 years.  She is a self-motivated and enthusiastic lead who ensures that the science curriculum stimulates our natural curiosity. She believes that science should be exciting, an education for problem solving and collaboration and practical. By providing a curriculum that embraces such, Miss Varey believes children are able to become innovative thinkers, broaden their horizons and understand that anything is possible. Her favourite topic is Earth and Space as she is constantly wondering what/who else is beyond our solar system.

Science Intent

Lower Darwen Primary School believe that a high-quality science education provides children with the opportunity to explore, investigate, question and understand the ever-changing world in which we live. By providing them with such opportunities, we consider ourselves to lead the way and prepare students with the skills, methods, knowledge and attitudes required for life in the 21st century. Using the framework of the National Curriculum as a foundation, our children will develop key knowledge that has been identified within each unit, outlined across each year group. Thus providing a methodical progression throughout students’ learning journeys.


Lower Darwen Primary School Curriculum Essentials Toolkits ensure that children have access to specific scientific knowledge and skills. The toolkits will continually evolve in response to current reactive affairs and whatever might spark the curiosity of our pupils.


Below you can download a copy of our science policy, science long term plan and our scientific enquiry progression of skills document.