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Lower Darwen Primary School: We are proud of our school!
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Lower Darwen Primary School: We are proud of our school!

SEN Progress and Support

4. How do we know what progress your child is making and how will we keep you informed?


We offer a high level of communication with all members of a school community. Through careful monitoring and reviewing the school has a clear picture of how your child is progressing. All the staff involved with your child’s learning are kept informed of changes and progress. This may be shared with you in a variety of ways including:


  • Meetings at any time throughout the year with the class teacher, SENCo and/or headteacher.
  • Home / school books, enabling communication between home and the class teacher on a daily basis.
  • Review meetings regarding your child’s provision or educational plan with copies of paperwork for your own reference.
  • Where appropriate, daily updates at the end of the day with your child’s class teacher.
  • Regular contact with SENCo.
  • Meetings with professionals
  • Parent evenings
  • Meetings with external agencies following observations or assessments e.g. Educational Psychologist, Advisory teachers from Inclusion Support Services.
  • Copies of any reports provided by external agencies.


It is important to us at Lower Darwen, that you feel comfortable to come in and speak to any member of staff at any time throughout the school year. There is no need to wait for scheduled parents evenings to discuss your child’s needs, by contacting the school office, an appointment can be made with the relevant member of staff at any time in the term to discuss progress or concerns.


Monitoring progress is an integral part of teaching and leadership at Lower Darwen. Parents, children, staff and governors are involved in the reviewing the impact of interventions with learners. Progress data for all learners is collated by the whole school and monitored by staff, Headteacher and Governors.


5. How will our school support your child and how will the teaching be adapted to meet their needs?


The content of every lesson is differentiated (matched) to each of the children’s differing abilities and needs to enable them to access the curriculum more easily. This may take the form of: providing:


  • additional adult support in a small group or 1 to 1 basis, providing  
  • learning tasks that present different levels of challenge
  • particular specialist equipment for the children to use.


Classrooms are resourced to support learning and where appropriate tailored to the children’s individual needs and there is  varied use of ICT to support learning throughout the school. Regular training for all staff is given on how to make learning more accessible to those with additional needs.


Where appropriate, support and advice will be sought from specialist and experts. Consistent approaches to learning throughout the school including use of visual timetables and specific intervention programmes being delivered in addition to classroom learning to support your child. Your child’s progress will be measured closely and any relevant assessments carried out to provide additional information.


Where appropriate, teaching styles will be modified to support your child to ensure he/she makes at least progress. This may involve working 1 to 1, use of visual  and aural aids, modifying behaviour management strategies and curriculum to meet the needs of the child. The school’s Hearing Impaired resource offers specialised teaching for pupils with a hearing impairment.


6. How are decisions made about the type and how much support my child will receive?


As part of our general budget, we receive funding to support children with Special Educational Needs. We review this annually and the school frequently spends additional money on top of this to support our children. Needs are mapped out using meetings, reviews and provision maps and the funding is matched appropriately. In a case where a child has very significant and/or complex needs we may make an application to the local authority for and Educational Health and Care Plan. If this successful additional funding through the high needs funding block can accessed. Such funding will then be used exclusively to provide the help and support your child needs.


Blackburn with Darwen local authority provide additional specialist equipment for our hearing impaired or disabled pupils. 


As all children's needs are different we have to be flexible in the way in which we assess and meet their needs. There is no one set way we decide on the provision and support we can offer a child as they are all different. The school’s leadership team,  SENCO  or specialist hearing impaired teachers  have meetings with  class teachers, teaching assistant and parents to review the needs of each child.


We are flexible and will change the support needed for your child according to his or her changing needs. It is very much a three-way process between parents, school and outside agencies and we all work together to make sure your child is being supported in the best possible way. It is important that you tell us if you think things are changing so we can keep this is mind. Support is reviewed regularly in order to ensure your child is making progress.