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Lower Darwen Primary School: We are proud of our school!
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Lower Darwen Primary School: We are proud of our school!

SEN Transition

14. How will our school prepare and support your child when joining our school and when transferring to a new school?


There are many instances of transition in a child’s school life: entering the school, moving from one year to the next, moving to another school and finally moving from primary to secondary.


If your child is joining us in Reception at the beginning of the year, we offer:


  • transition meetings for parents
  • home visits
  • ‘move-up’ days 
  • relevant staff visits to early year settings


If your child is joining us in the middle of a school year, we will:


  • meet with you and the child prior to their start date
  • Where possible ‘move up’ days before pupil/s start school
  • Introduce your child to key staff members and give them an individual tour and set them up with a buddy in class.
  • Communicate with previous school so a clear understanding of your child is known by all staff.


If your child is moving on to high school, we will:


  • Pupils have taster days at high school
  • Teachers and SEND team have hand over meetings with high school colleagues
  • Transfer all relevant records using SiMs and CPOMs
  • Class based transitional work with teachers


For pupils whom may identify as needing extra support at any transition point, we also offer bespoke transitional plans:


  • School SEND team support with extra visits
  • Moving on to high school (MOTHS) delivered between us and the high school
  • Transitional books created specifically for the pupil – photo based
  • External group work with Mental Health School Team (MHST) through NHS
  • Transitional ELSA group and individual work