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Lower Darwen Primary School: We are proud of our school!
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Lower Darwen Primary School: We are proud of our school!

SEN Inclusion and Well Being

10. How will our school ensure that your child is included in activities outside the classroom, including physical activities and school trips?


The school provides a number of physical and extra-curricular activities including; dance, judo, music, chess, art club, eco-warriors, football, cricket, rounders, cross country, swimming, tennis, Mad Science, Spanish, hockey, netball, paralympic events and a residential trip to PGL in year 6. Classes also go on trips and visits throughout the school year.


At Lower Darwen Primary School, we make every reasonable adjustment necessary for all of our trips to be inclusive so all children can attend. We work closely with all involved with the child to plan and guide us in order to make the trips as satisfying as possible for our children. The accessibility of all school trip destinations are checked in advance. Risk assessments are carried out and procedures are put in place to enable all children to fully participate. Reasonable adjustments will be made so that children with special educational needs can fully participate.


After school activities are run by both school and external providers. All external providers are aware of our school’s commitment to inclusion and it is their responsibility to discuss appropriate provision with you in order to accommodate your child’s needs.


11. How will school support your child's overall wellbeing?


At Lower Darwen Primary School, we believe that a child’s social and emotional well-being is key to ensuring academic progress and ensuring your child is a successful learner. We are able to offer a wide range of support to children experiencing social and emotional difficulties including:


  • A safe, caring and calm environment where all children thrive.
  • Clear safeguarding procedures and policies.
  • Regular safeguarding training for all staff. A clear, structured behaviour for learning policy, which is adhered to by the whole school.
  • Family wise is used to support families and individual children. A weekly counselling/drop in- service for pupils in school and friendship nurture group sessions
  • Personal care support. This is undertaken with the child’s modesty and privacy as our utmost priority. A detailed care plan will be drawn up by the adults supporting your child in consultation with yourselves and appropriate specialists. These are discussed and shared with all staff working with your child.
  • Individual Behaviour plans are used for children who need support with their behaviour.


Trained first-aiders and a clear medicine policy. Staff have asthma and  anasphalaxic training delivered by the school nurse.


12. How accesible is our school both indoors and outdoors for children with special educational needs?


Our school is fully accesible with dedicated parking bays and a ramp to access school. Internally, we also provide the following facilities


  • Disabled toilet
  • Ramps
  • Lap tops to enable our disabled pupils to access the curriculum
  • Ipads and other portable devices
  • Dedicated HI provision/room
  • Radio aids
  • Soundfield sound system